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Age-old Money Saving Tips Inherited from Grandmoms which Still Work

Age-old Money Saving Tips Inherited from Grandmoms which Still Work

Did you ever wonder why people saved money back in those good old days when money was tight for almost everyone? Actually, there are numerous ways in which people saved money in previous days and most of them are still applicable now. Many of our grandmoms were alive during the great Depression and hence they have accumulated enough knowledge on how to deal with money so that they don’t fall in debt in the near future and are also able to make ends meet.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have any grandparent alive, you must be looking for some good and well-proven advice on how you can manage your household finances and yet end up saving money. Here is some such money advice for you.

  • Make your own things like they did previously

It is only now that it has become extremely simply to buy anything that you want from a store. Previously, ages back, people had to do too many things on their own. Even if they had the option of buying few things from the store, they chose to make it on their own in order to save money. Living at this age, if you’re eager to save money, you should try your best to be like that. Try and stitch your own clothes, own cleaning supplies and your own gifts. This way you can learn some really vital lifetime skills and later on teach that to others.

  • Grow your own vegetable garden

During the era of your grandma, they would be surprised to note the way people buy packaged herbs from the grocery stores and use them in cooking dishes. In their age, people grew herb gardens and kept small pots of herbs in the kitchen window panes. Whether they grow food in a victory garden or just do it for the fun of gardening, most of them had enough amounts of veggies and fruits growing in their backyard. This is always a win-win option as it can save your dollars.

  • Preserve things in the best way

If you’re a wasteful person with regards to food, your grandmom would rather be surprised to see how you throw away portion of your food or allow the food to expire inside refrigerators. Back in their days, people were extremely careful about using up everything so that they don’t waste anything. In case they weren’t able to use up all ingredients at once, they would either can it or dry it. These days, you can make the same effect by putting back things inside the freezer.

  • Avoid using credit and use cash instead

Until 1950s, credit cards never came into existence and hence your grandma will never advise you to make regular purchases with the help of your credit cards. Keep cash with you and use it for making day-to-day purchases so that you never buy anything beyond your affordability which is a common thing among people using cards.

Your grandmom did her best to impart the most effective money lessons to her children and now that you get the opportunity to follow some of them, grab it and start following each advice word-by-word to stay on top of your finances.

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