How To Choose A Discount Shopping Card To Save Money

How To Choose A Discount Shopping Card To Save Money

Discount shopping cards are becoming more and more popular in the UK as we’re constantly on the look out for for savvy ways to save. As a nation, we’re starting to shun the more traditional methods of grabbing a bargain, such as store-specific gift cards, in favor of more flexible saving techniques that offer greater discounts with fewer restrictions. But how do you ensure you’re getting the best available service for your membership fee? Here are a few things to look out for when choosing a discount shopping card to save money:

* Flexibility & Versatility

If there’s one thing the modern shopper wants, it’s choice. 57 percent of consumers would prefer more choice in hair care products, for example, and 58 percent want a greater choice of cosmetics. The same is true for discounts. Opt for discount cards that are diverse, offering savings across a number of sectors including groceries, restaurants and fashion, for example.

* Your Favourite Stores & Restaurants

Studies suggest that 11 percent of diners in the UK eat at a restaurant because they have a voucher or discount card for that particular establishment, regardless of whether they actually like that restaurant or not! This sort of limitation isn’t what discount cards are about. Check that a discount card service includes your favourite stores and restaurants before signing up.

* Hassle-Free Use

Many stores and restaurants offer loyalty cards which accumulate points that can be turned into discounts, but uptake of these schemes is, on the whole, poor. The main reason why people opt out of loyalty schemes is because they’re too complicated, with 36 percent citing this as an excuse for not joining. Look for a discount card that’s simple to understand and easy to use.

* Unbeatable Savings

For many shoppers, in-store discounts and money off coupons are simply not enough, with 64 percent of us screaming ‘more discounts, please!’. As a nation, we’re becoming disillusioned with sales prices that really aren’t much different to the original price. Choose a discount card that guarantees great savings – you should be looking for up to 50 percent off!

* No Restrictions

According to research, only 7 percent of Brits read the terms and conditions when buying a product or service online, which can lead to inconvenient restrictions and dissatisfaction. Opt for a discount shopping card that doesn’t limit usage. While some suppliers restrict the number of days a card can be used, others offer complete freedom, with 24/7 access to amazing deals.

* Low Cost Membership

When signing up for a discount shopping card it’s important to consider the cost of the membership against the annual savings you expect to make – sometimes, high membership fees can leave you out of pocket come the end of the year. Opt for cards that offer low membership fees, and free trials so you can enjoy a taster before fully committing financially.

By carefully considering your options, it’s easy to find a discount shopping card that’s going to tick all the boxes, allowing you access to great savings wherever you want, whenever you want!

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