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What to Do When You Have Lost Your job 

What to Do When You Have Lost Your job 

The world’s unemployment rate is at 5.42%, and the percentage is expected to rise in the next few months. Even as economies are bouncing back on their feet, the unemployment rate continues to rise. This is because some businesses and organizations are still lying off staff due to keeping afloat. Others had closed their doors permanently from when the pandemic started to date. This has rendered most people jobless. 

In the Philippines, the case is not different as the aftermath of the virus is being felt. According to statistics, the unemployment rate increased, and 7.3 million Filipinos are unemployed. This is compared to 2.4 million, which was at the beginning of the year. 

Though one may think the firms and organizations are inhuman and unsympathetic, they are not. The state of the economy has forced them to adjust to survive the pandemic wave. Now that you are rendered unemployed, what is the next step? Let’s dive in to learn the steps to take once you are rendered unemployed. 

7 Things to do when you have lost your job 

 1. Cutting down on expenses

Identifying your main priorities starts with evaluating your expenses. This is the first step to take once you are rendered unemployed. Though adjusting your budget is an uphill task, you need to. You were used to the normal lifestyle from luxurious vacations, junk foods, expensive clothes, and the internet. These are some of the things you can survive without until you get back on your feet.

For you to remain afloat while on a job hunt, prepare a list of your needs and wants. Identify the basic needs you cannot do without and focus on them are. However, if you focus and spend every dime on your wants or desires, then you’ll be bankrupt within months. Therefore adjust your lifestyle to fit your budget.                

2. Request for benefits your company

Though the firm or organization you were working with, let’s go, certain benefits an employee is entitled to. According to the Labor Code, an employment contract has been terminated for genuine reasons. This could be to reduce redundancy in the organization or mitigate losses during a pandemic. You’re entitled to receive certain benefits such as

  • Payments on dismissal: you are supposed to receive salary for 1/2 months or payment for one month per year of work
  • Payments of the company: This particular pay refers to the sick leaves or even vacation, converted into cash.   
  • Prorated 13th Month Pay: This is ½ of the total wages for the entire period of work. And it is credited to your account upon termination of your employment contract.

3. Applying for SSS unemployment benefit

Once your job has been terminated, the next step would be applying for SSS unemployment benefits. What is the SSS unemployment benefit? This refers to cash given to cushion kasambahays and Overseas Filipinos workers who have been involuntarily separated from their work. 

This could be because of downsizing, retrenchment, or even a pandemic that has rendered them unemployed. If that is the case, you can request the SSS unemployment benefit to sustain you during the unemployment period. However, to be eligible for the benefits, you need to have met all the requirements. Plus, it is not a loan that has to be paid at the end. And it’s available for members. 

4. Evaluating your financial situation

Being in the know about your finances is important once you’re out of a job. At this point, you must be honest with your budget and finances. Every coin has to be accounted for to avoid wastage and unnecessary expenses.

This is because once you are out of employment and on the job hunt, you’ll be surviving on your savings if any. You can also use your emergency funds and other investments to sustain you during the job hunting period. During this period, you need to take care of your expenses. 

It starts from the utility bills, insurance premiums, loans, among others. Ensure you take care of the pressing billing, which accrues interest as time goes. Then tame your desire and stick to your adjusted budget. It’s not time to go around merrymaking and forget there is a future to prepare for. 

5. Negotiating the payment conditions

You might have an easy payday loan that needs to be financed, but it is impossible to sustain the loan if you’re unemployed. This is why we recommend negotiating new payment terms with your lender. 

Yes, the Bahanihan Heal As One-Act provides you with a 30 day grace period on all loans; it isn’t enough. You need to have a sit down with your lenders and come to an agreement about new loan repayment plans. The interest rates waiver helps in reducing the stress and helps in focusing on the job hunt.

Therefore, provide your termination letter, which is proof of unemployment during the renegotiation process. Do not be demanding when stating your case since this won’t act in your best interest. Some online lenders understand your needs, and Robocash is one of them.

The platform was built having you in mind. That’s why they provide an affordable loan. The loans can be adjusted to give one a flexible payment plan. Hence, you can request a soft loan from the platform to settle the lenders who might not renegotiate their payment plans. 

6. Look for a new job

 Securing a new job after losing one is a daunting process. But, you need to get on your feet and begin the job search. This is because other firms are hiring and looking for people with your skills. 

The best way to increasing your chances of securing a new job is by investing in yourself. Go and learn new skills, taking up a new course, or even reading new books. Besides, there are free online courses that can help with improving your skills. Expand your knowledge and skill set to give you an upper hand when being interview for a position.    

While looking for a new job and improving your skills, you can search for othernew income streams. There are various things you can do to earn extra cash. Some of the things are online marketing, article writing, and transcription services, among others. 

As long as you have a Smartphone or a laptop and internet connection, you are good to go. Some people make an average of $7,000 annual freelancing. Who knows, you might end up not looking for a job after all?   

 7. Apply for an emergency loan 

These are uncertain times, and surviving with no source of income is impossible. There are basic needs that you need to take care of with or without income. Here is where Robocash comes in. It has affordable quick emergency loans that help with your emergencies. You can request for as low as PHP 10,000 and as high as PHP 25,000. 


Immediately you secure a new job, start to think about your exit plan. This is because the employment contract can be terminated at any time. This could happen because of various facts, and a pandemic is one of them. 

Therefore plan and have multi investments that you can fall back on when the contract is terminated. Remember, no millionaire was made by relying on their monthly salaries. Invest in yourself and improve your skills.

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